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Aug. 6th, 2004 @ 04:32 pm
Now I know that it has been a while since I've been on, but I have really busy. Sike who am I kidding? I have no life, lol.Im visiting a friend I haven't seen in two years. that quite a long time but now Im a little anxious to get home ya know. well i gotta go eat ttyl!

Jun. 21st, 2004 @ 05:40 am
Whats up guys...Im so tired but as usual I cant go seem to close my eyes and dreeeeaaaaaaam! dream dream dream! i love that song...anywayz so me and my sis are planning this trip to rehobeth fro a weekend, and i found the tighest place ever. now i know tighest isn' a word, but it's that nice ya know? it has a rooftop sundeck! Even tho I dont plan on using it, thats still cool.I wonder how old u have to be to get in some clubs downthere. I shall find out...Hey Im so bored I think I'll write a poem! Bear with me, this is off the top of my head...

The way they touch my face right before we kiss
Your BIG STRONG HANDS are firm yet soft
As you massage my body with your caress.
Think those BIG STRONG HANDS should come from 'round my waist
If you think you're gettin some tonight
Even tho you got BIG STRONG HANDS
I need a real man to DO me right
Don't let those BIG STRONG HANDS
Slam my door when you go through it
And when you're sitting home after a good jack-off
pickup the telephone and use it

AHH! that felt good! I should do that more often...Im gonna go check out some different sites, I'll check up with ya L8R

SCREW YOU!!!.......SIKE!!! Jun. 17th, 2004 @ 11:02 pm
Im totally screwed! let me tell you guys how my day went...I woke up at 12 to the sound of whiny brats " Im hungry Im hungry" aaahhh shut the hell up before I lock u in a room somewhere! so after a few hotdogs and unsweet tea, they were back in front of the TV and i was in the shower. I hate shaving my legs! my mom kept beggin me to plant her flowers around the mail box and kept saying no but i felt bad so after that, i danced in my roomfor about an hour...I HAVE NO LIFE! lol hey why is it that the man i love wont return my calls. i called him yesterday at and he called me back at 3 in the morning ofcourse i was sleep what the hell is wrong with him? oh well


LISTEN UP!! Jun. 16th, 2004 @ 02:14 am
[Name] Ariane
[Nickname] shorty
[Sign?] gemini
[What are your plans for most nights?] hangin out with friends


[Called you?] my mother, as always...
[Slept in your bed?] my best friend, katie
[Saw you cry?] katie
[Made you cry?]my aunt
[Spent the night at your house?] katie
[You shared a drink with?] can't remember. dont drink much...
[went to the movies with] my sister, bryanne
[You went to the mall with?] katie
[Yelled at you?] momma
[Sent you an email?] probably my mom. she sends me jokes
[Said "I love you" and not meant it?] i know darnell means it when he says he loves me


[Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc.?] i love my dog and my fish
[Been to New York?] i go there at least 8 times a year
[Been to Florida?] every year
[California?] nope
[Hawaii?] nope
[Mexico?] hot as hell there
[Bermuda?] nope
[Danced naked?] hahahahaha...yes
[Had a dream about something really crazy?] yes, i was being chased by dinosaurs.
[Stalked someone?] yes.this guy around the corner...sooooooo cute!
[Had a mud bath?] haha no
Wished you were the opposite sex?] whenever i get my period, uggghhh!
[Had an imaginary friend?] thats silly!


[Will grow up and be a model?] none of them
[Is going to have the most kids?] my sister alexys. she loves kids.
[Have you known the longest?] my old friend naailah. since i was 8.
[Knows you the best?] katie
[Is the loudest?] katie
[Is the quietest?] my friends...quiet?! haha
[Do you have the most classes with?] im home-schooled
[Do you miss the most?]naailah. i dont hang out with her at all. i talk to her on the phone every once in a while.


[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] answer/post more comments
[What was the last meal you ate?] hot dogs
[Are you bored?]bored & cold
[Last movie you saw?] THEATRE: day after tomorrow/ HOME: boiler room
[Last noise you heard?] my fish filter
[Last time you went out of state?] to support katie when she tried to get a car...
[What is your lucky number?] 8. not lucky, just favorite.
[What is your most attractive feature?] i dont know. darnell says everything.*snickers*
[What is your favorite thing to do?] dance
[What are you eating?] nothin
[What are you drinking?] nothin
[What are you listening to?] tv
[How are you feeling?] overly-tired
[What are you thinking?] i want darnell to call me
[What do you see?] the computer/ TV


[Hair] uh brownish/redish?
[Eyes] brown
[Height] 5'0?


[Food] chinese
[Drink] orange
[Color] pink
[Album] right now-Tamia-More
[Shoes] pumps
[Dance] everything
[Song] Tamia-1,2,3,4,9,10
[Vegetable] broccoli,corn
[Fruit] cantelope,kiwi
[Berry] strawberries


[touched?] darnell...
[talked to?] bryanne
[hugged] my mom
[instant messaged?] some guy
[who broke your heart?] darnell. believe it or not


[Eat] kitchen/my room
[Dance] anywhere i want too
[Cry] depends if it just pours out, or if i have time to hold it til later
[Wish you were] in any other state...delaware sucks
How I'm feelin: tired but not sleepy, lol

yo!! Jun. 15th, 2004 @ 03:11 pm
I love Ellen's show. She is really funny. I couldn't help but notice her occupied ring finger. I didnt know she was married? What happened with anne heche? i heard she with a dude now...what's with that? oh well, i guess ppl can't make up their mind! So im baby-sitting right and i go downstairs to make my nieces something to eat when i see that my youngest niece has pour sprinkles all over the living room floor. I asked who did it( i knew it was her) she was like i didnt do and i was like you liar, stop lyin.lol i was so pissed. why do they act like this everytime i babysit them. its so annoying. uggghhh!!!!!
Other entries
» Love Sick Finalized
It was the beginning of summer and I had been friends with my now best friend katie for a year. so i was cillin with her alot at the time. One weekend I had decided to go chill with her at her house. kind of like a boys stink night, lol...When out of the blue guess who calls my cell phone? Yes Darnell Carroll! I was surprised. but i played it cool as if i wasnt waiting for him. A lot of " oh im good, do my things" and a couple "thats interesting" and dont forget the "well thats good news, im happy for you" BULL SHIT!!!! so he tells me that he found out angel of a girlfriend was cheating on him. he cut it off a week before he called. was i supposed to sympathize? he should of just took me back!! oh alright i sympathized a little, lol...look he was really upset. he told me that he was real real stupid for letting me go so easy. he let his balls guide him instead of his heart. i had no idea he could talk like that. i was immidiately fallin back in love with him. after that little convo we had, we decided we were going to start over. we got cool again, then we were friends, then we got close, then we got very very close. I had no idea that the next phone call we'd have would be the start of something great. we were joking around and he said something stupid. I said something like i dont' know how i put up with you and he says oh girl you know you love me, lol...and i was like ur right i do. it was the longest pause in the world. he said so u love me. and i had no choice....yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaa...he told me he was glad that i said it first because even tho he felt that way along time ago, he couldn't seem to say it. every phone call we had after that began and ended we I LOVE YOU! NIIIIIICCCCCCEEEE! I'll give you guys the currents after my very long catnap...L8R!!!
» Love Sick (contd.)
So I'm going out with my boyfriend having a blast, when things start happening. So called friends start gettin in our business, then they start tellin lies. Ans as this is happening, we allow all those lies to engulf around our relationship and we start fallin apart. we start fighting about everything, calling eachother names, not callin one another, then finally we stopped talkin to eachother period...I was so hurt because I couldn't understand why this was happening. then i began thinking it was simply meant to be. We eventually broke up after we were talkin and flirting with the opposite sex.I started going with Lemuel (MEMO, qiana knows) a puerto-rican under classmen who I always saw but never wanted to pursue,whereas he got with this black chick: another underclassmen definetly not his type. Yea we both sunk a little lower then usual but I can admit that we were both very vulnerable. My relationship with lemuel was very cute but not real. he was very sweet and showered me with compliments, but he messed up when he decided he wanted to tell me he loved me. I know! we were only going out for a month. Im sorry I had gon out with darnell for a year and he hadn't told me he loved then. DAMN! so yea that had to end. After i broke it off with lemuel, I felt it was wise to just hill for a little bit. After all, i still wasnt really over darnell and I know he wasn't over me. I was now a sophmore and I hated A.I more then ever. I didn't realize that I would see darnell everyday for another year and not really want to. seeing him was like jabbing a samuri sword through my shriveling heart..wow that was sooo deep! lol when the school first started, i found that it was easy for me to ignore him. Then His still then girlfriend jasmine started cuttin her eyes at me. then i was forced to talk to him. here's how it went:

me: yo, i need to talk to you
D: oh now u wana talk, u didnt talk to me all summer, now three weeks into school you wanna hold a conversation?
me:actually i don't, but i feel i should talk to you before you find your girl absent for the rest of the year
D:what are you talkin bout?
me: ur stupid ass girl keeps givin me looks and is talkin behind my back. now im too mature for this shit but i swear to god, if she does it again Im goin to break her fucking neck.
D:yea ight yo
me: yea make sure you tell her that...

and thats what happened. of course she didnt listen and i beat her face in. those3 days out of school were worth it! it actually gave me a chance to think of stupid i was acting...darnell was not goin to like me again because i beat up his girl. no that would make him hate me. I made a huge mistake!!! I was in a bind. I started talking like a slave girl."What is I gon' do?, What is I gon' do?" then it hit me *lightbulb* I was start being nice to him , ya know speak when i see him ask how he been shit like that. Only it didnt work. After his girl recovered, lol they continued to go out. I was running out options. I began crying like everyday. Whenever I saw him or thought of him. even if a song came on that reminded me of him. I started. well i had no choice...i started thinking again. since talking to him only brought him closer to his girl. i would try the total opposite:ignore him completely.I pretended as if he didnt exist for the last three months of school. not one word was spoken. i didn't feel any better...LAST CHAPTER NEXT!
» Love Sick
I miss Darnell! I miss everything about him. His constant freestylin while im trying to hold a conversation, the way he would call my name just to say I love you. The way he always seemed to make me laugh, even when he did things that got on my nerves...like when he doesn't return my calls, or when he blows me off to go hang with his friends he sees everyday of his life. But no matter what he does, I can never let myself let him go. He is embedded in my heart...hey you wanna know how it started? sure you do! ok here it goes...I was in the 9th grade at A.I High. At the time I was real cool with this girl named tatiana, the highschool slut bag! I would walk in the halls and here all the loser guys tellin story of how thy bow her the night before...sad but extremely entertaining...ANYWAY! me and tatiana were walking down the hall one day peekin in each classroom just to see the future guys we would have no choice but to go out with, as well as our competition: girls, hater who wanted to be like us. We were coming to the end of the hallway when we peeked in the last classroom. And there he was: tall,caranel skinned, adorably shy. I was immidiately attracted to him. (i know what u might be thinkin,"what does she know about being attracted to someone?" well let me just tell you I had my first boy in kindegarten and lets just say it wasn't just holding hand and sharing lunches and drawing pictures.) Lucky for me the smut knew him and we rushed over to say YO! Tatiana could see that I was mesmorized by his perfect smile, so she felt obligated to introduce us.(the best day of the ninth grade!) After the wonderful day me and darnell became cool, shortly after we became friends. everyday after that, I was in little girl heaven, lol I liked him soo much. we started talkin on the phone. back when i didn't have cell phones and my parents didn'twant me havin boyfriends, I had to be very careful when i called him. ya know on the sneak tip! he started tellin me that he liked me alot and that he thought i was real cute *snicker* then that my friends is when he asked me out...OMG I was so shocked and so happy. I mean yea right I wasnt gonna ask him no way, I dont do that lol. I couldn't wait to tell everyone I knew. I had a couple classes with him, I saw him everyday between class and ate with him at lunch sometimes. Life just couldn't get better.And I was right! everything only got worst from there...TIL NEXT TIME!
» hey look at this!
--Living Things--
Family members I love are...: My entire immidiate family
Pets I love are...: dogs, iguanas, and fish
Friends I love are...: Katie
That Special Someone I love is...: Darnell <3
Flowers I love are...: tulips
Animals I love are...: DOLPHINS
--Things in the Media--
Movies I love are...: NEWSIES, GOONIES, and LONESTAR State OF Mind
Books I love are...: Vivian: AutoBiography
Songs I love are...: Secrets-Alicia Keys
Bands or singers I love are...: TAMIA
Smells I love are...: Tropical, new car, new shoes
Sounds I love are...: music. the voice of someone I love.
Tastes I love are...: everything! lol
Sights I love are...: cute guys, nice cars, oceans, sunsets
Touches I love are...: stomachs (flat-six pack)belly-buttons
The time (like 1 p.m. or something) I love is...: 9pm everwood, 1 tree hill, 10pm comic view, 11pm futurama, 11:30pm FAMILY GUY, 12:30am conan o' brian.
The month I love is...: June
The day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) I love is...: Friday, saturday
The holiday I love is...: the memorial of jesus' death
The thing I love most about life is...: living forever
Things I Love brought to you by Bigdrawsmcgrawl!
OK I missed the hall this morning and I know my dad Was real P-I-S-S-E-D! Hey what can I say driving around til 3:00 in the morning and then watchin a movie will do that. oh well. My mom had another one of arbonne parties, that I of course I had to help her with.( for those of you who don't know Arbonne is a company like Avon. They sell natural products made for your face and body and hair. They even have cosmetics and stuff for babies.) but enough about that, more about me. As of today I still have no job. My dog's hair keeps fallin out.( allergies to her medicine.) She looks like a cancer patient. My Poor BABY!!!!! The playoffs game is on now. I hope the lakers lose. I really wish the sixers were still in it. But that would take years of wishing, lol. I ain't mad at em. I got more of my school grades back. let's just say I'm not the brightest star, lol. But I'm really trying yo. It seems like it's gettin harder and harder. Thats how I like my men, ha ha ha...hey does anyone know how to put a pic on this thing. L8R!!!!!!
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