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NEVER GO TO THE MALL - 2cool4skool


Previous Entry NEVER GO TO THE MALL May. 7th, 2005 @ 11:15 am
Tell me why we ended up in Odessa coming from Christiana Mall. My sister was driving and she was freaking out. We ended up in hickville and they actually tried to help. Alexys said " lets get outta here before they string us up and set us on fire" i started to laugh but then i got scared. So we end up on our way to Odessa and Alexys screeched " Is that a BRIDGE, Oh god im lost we're lost we're gonna die" then she sees a light that says 13 north, but we end up back where we were. so then we end up following some mysterious lady in a JEEPERS CREEPERS hat all the way back to a road we knew. Wheew! that was close! got home just in time for COMICVIEW!
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